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Operational Officers


These are the Operational Officers of the Forest Bend Fire Department who are responsible for the instructional and practical training aspects of firefighting. These officers preplan weekly trainings so that our volunteers are prepared for any emergency that may arise in our community. They have been elected by the membership to be leaders for the next year. Again these officers have other jobs that keep them away from their families yet they dedicate themselves to making this Department better each year.

Fire Chief - Tom Hoff - #1301
email:  hoff255@verizon.net

Assistant Chief - John Norris- #1302
email:  traumapirate@yahoo.com

Captain - Jared Rivas
email:  rjared60@hotmail.com

Captain - Duane Hopple

Captain - Daniel Lott
email: dlott448@gmail.com

Captain Day Crew - Randy Tauch

email:  forestbendfire@sbcglobal.net

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